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A sexuality and love nature powered by fiery, impulsive, selfish, aggressive, fun-loving, impatient, passionate infant-energy. Do you expend in one night all the passion other folks do in an entire relationship, then wonder where it all went the next day? Do you get seduction confused with hunting and conquering, and lovemaking confused with warfare? Do you demand that people worship you, then get bored to tears when they do? Or check out everyone in the room, then have a tantrum when your beau so much as utters a compliment in someone else's direction? Does the competition flee from your warriorlike approach? Do you know you're Number One, and insist that everyone else know it too? You *must* be Venus in Aries!

[and if you don't know your venus placement, there are free astrological natal chart programs available on the net. or, less reliably, go to: ] RSS Feed what is XML?

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